A downloadable game

In Overgrown, there is no objective,

Control a farmer, plow your field and grow vegetable.

Money isn't here either, you will exange your vegetable to earn other seeds, chill out !

Nello Lanoy - Matéo Brassart - Maxime Vantorre

Controls :

A (rightclick) :   toggle tools / seeds
(exchange in the store)

LB / RB (scrollwheel) : change seed / tool

RT (left click): use seed / tool


Overgrown.zip 45 MB


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*ahem* I hate to be that guy, but it is not speeded it is sped. Sorry...


Sorry the late answer,  and thanks for your concern, it's corrected !

I hope you liked it anyway, we may grow the project up in the future.



Hey, maybe eventually it will become Overgrown. xD

I get these jokes from my dad's side. Sorry. lol